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The VooPoo Drag is a dual 18650 series TC box mod that features a Gene chip with a 95% efficiency rating and firing speed of 0.025sec. It can fire all your favorite atomizers with resistance as low as 0.1ohm and has a power output as high as 157W. It’s not small or light, but if you can get past that we’re sure it’ll become one of your favorite box mods like it is with us.

The boxy beast with the chip you can rely on

The GENE chip allows for super accurate temperature control and wattage output. TheTC mode over-temp protection ensures that the mod and the battery work properly within the safe temperature range.Voopoo Drag Pattern Variation

According to your vaping preferences, you can customize the settings using the VooPoo PC APP (available for Windows only) in the same ways as with DNA/Evolv devices.

VooPoo’s strategic cooperation with GENE enabled rolling out custom made to provide users with excellent performance and top-notch quality and customization options.

The latest military-grade GENE chip allows instantaneous firing which means no more annoying delays.

The Gene chip is proudly made in the USA and has started to get popular in the industry. The well-known and high-end mod manufacturers in the US are using the Gene chip for its reliability and performance. Its strongest selling point is that it allows nearly instantaneous firing and zero ramp time.

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What’s on the outside

The DRAG features a sturdy box mod style construction (90 x 54 x 24mm) with a special resign plate design in several finishes which are bound to be visually pleasing and make your new favorite all-day mod look super cool.

TVoopoo Drag 157W Screen Displayhe zinc alloy chassis is incredibly light but super solid. The battery access door is well made and different styles including carbon fiber accent are beautifully designed and crafted.

The large fire button has a great tactile response and a nice click to it. The large OLED screen is easy to read and bright enough. The screen is crisp, bright, easy to read, and the bevel edges allow for more comfort when in use. Adjusting wattage and temperature is convenient using fast-scrolling, and it adjusts in whole numbers.

The spring-loaded 510 pin is gold-plated brass and has a good spring to it. The threading is smooth and there is no wobble with your favorite atomizer firmly screwed on the mod.

The DRAG takes 2 high amp 18650 high-drain batteries. The battery slots are clearly defined and have spring-loaded pins. The bottom of the mod has 10 small vent holes.Voopoo Drag Battery

Onboard charging is offered using the front micro USB charging port. Balanced charging is also supported and the dedicated firmware will detect internal resistance of battery so that the battery is controlled in a steady balanced charging condition.

However, as usual, I recommend using a reliable intelligent external battery charger. That way you can always have a spare pair of batteries so you can simply replace your drained batteries in the mod using the convenient magnetic battery panel.

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The old school and the new feel

As for the form factor, dimensions and weight, The VooPoo Drag is all-metal design so it has a hefty and solid feeling in the hand. This mod is probably a bit too heavy for some of you fellow vapers. Personally, I like the weighty feel in mods as it gives me confidence that they will outlast 90% of smaller, lighter and cheaper mods.

VooPoo Drag mod is square-shaped, but a few little special design features, as well as nicely machined edges, make it feel more comfortable than you expect from a boxy mod.

I also liked the overall build quality. The mod feels solid in the hand and you won’t be concerned about it breaking in your baggage when you are traveling.

The Drag is an old-fashioned box mod. It reminds me of the Sigelei 100W because it doesn’t compromise on its rugged feel byAluminum Voopoo Drag 157W making the edges and corners fashionably rounded for a more ergonomic feel.

Measuring 90mm x 54mm x 24mm, the Drag is a mid-sized device. Its classic boxy shape with straight edges and corners does make it feel a lot more sizable than it actually is.

It has an anodized zinc alloy body which has been left unpainted for a raw metallic look.

The resin design on most versions gives it the much needed modern look, though. I particularly like the green jade version. It simply brightens up my day and gives the mod a vibrant look.

To conclude, if you want a mod which will be stealthy and more ergonomic in your hands, there are more suitable mods out there. However, if you like a classic box mod design as well as the weighty, metallic feel of a sturdy mod, then you’ll like the Drag.

If you’re looking for a fast and furious, well built, and top-notch performing mod, you should definitely give the VooPoo Drag a shot. As long as you OK with the size and weight, there’s virtually nothing there to disappoint you.


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