Will Vaping be the end of Tobacco?


In the last few decades, there has been an intense campaign
against tobacco smoking. This is due to the numerous health hazards that come
as a result of smoking tobacco. Awareness has been created on the effects of
long term tobacco use. Almost every cancer is associated with smoking tobacco.

Approximately 1 out of 5 deaths in the United States is
caused by tobacco use. In addition, smoking tobacco has hazardous effects to
non-smokers. Despite these efforts to ensure that tobacco use is minimized, a
significant percentage of people still smoke. It is, therefore, possible that
smokers still use tobacco due to addiction as opposed to choice.

Measures have been put in place to try and minimize the
negative effects of smoking cigarette. One of them includes wearing patches and
this has not been effective for most people. Actually, creative inhalers have
indeed failed most. With this in mind, it brings an idea of whether there is a
less harmful and a better alternative to tobacco use.

This brings us to e-cigarettes which are explosively
becoming popular. They offer an alternative to smoking tobacco. Even if there
are debates by scientists and health experts on the possibility of ecigars
replacing traditional cigarette, remarkable ecigar benefits exist and they are
less debatable. This is especially when placed alongside the traditional

This, therefore, implies that e-cigarettes might actually,
be the end of tobacco. Below are some of the benefits of using e-cigarette over
smoking tobacco. Consequently, making ecigars a better choice and what might be
the end of tobacco use.

Safety from fire

With vaping devices, there is no combustion involved. Liquid
is heated to make vapor by the devices. You, therefore, do not need an open
flame to enjoy the e-cigarette. Tobacco usage, on the other hand, requires
users to carry a lighter wherever they go. In case of any carelessness, those
lighters can cause fire hazards.

Many fire hazards have resulted from carelessness or
accident when smoking cigarette. This risk is, however, eliminated by the

Adjustable nicotine levels

When using e-cigarettes, it is possible to adjust the levels
of nicotine intake with the vaping devices. While there exist some few options
with tobacco, they are not as customizable as with the vaping devices. In case
you have an e-juice flavor preference, nicotine levels are adjustable without
interfering with the taste.

With vaping, you find an effective way to phase out nicotine
altogether in a gradual manner. With time, nicotine content in the e-juice can
be reduced until there is no nicotine at all.

Various flavor experience

Electronic cigarettes feature various flavors. In contrast,
tobacco products entirely taste like tobacco even in presence of added flavors.
With e-cigars, you have a chance to vape an e-juice with rich chocolate cake
taste. You can savor the flavor with no calories at all. You can also try a
light strawberry, playful bubblegum or refreshing mint flavor with e-cigars.
Vaping, therefore, presents to you a flavor variety that you will never have
with tobacco.

Odor free experience

Another reason why e-cigarettes might fully replace tobacco
is the odor free experience that comes with them. Tobacco comes with a smoky
odor that lingers on everything including your furniture and clothing. You can
easily spot a smoker when you hug them and visit their home. This is because
tobacco has a pervasive smell that lasts long.

Vaping, on the other hand, gives you an odor free
experience. No one can suspect you use a vaping device unless they see you with
it. Vaping devices do not change the smell of your hands or hair. There is no
distinctive smell on your clothes, car and house associated with vaping.

More vaping locations

Day in day out, smoking restrictions are increasing. As a
result, smokers struggle finding a place to exercise their habit. While
regulations for vaping vary from one city to the other, they are less
restrictive as compared to those placed on tobacco. Even where you cannot vape
in public, you are open to vape in your car or home with friends and family as
compared to smoking tobacco.

No ashtray

As there is no flame or combustion involved when vaping, you
will not need ashtrays. However, when smoking tobacco, ashtrays are a
necessity. With e-cigarettes, there is no ash or cigarettes butts. Therefore,
you do not need to use, purchase or even empty the ashtrays. This minimizes
litter and increases cleanliness in your home.


When comparing vaping to smoking, vaping is relatively
cheaper. This is because tobacco cigarettes are disposed off while vaping
devices feature reusable or disposable models. Even the disposable devices
actually last longer than tobacco cigarette. Once you invest in a reusable
device, all you need to replace is the liquid or the pre-filled cartridge.

Enhanced taste and smell senses

Did you know that smoking tobacco reduces the user’s sense
of smell? It takes time for you to notice this. However, once you start using
the e-cigarette, you will notice that the smell sense is returning.
Additionally, tar and smoke from tobacco limit the user’s sense of taste.
Switching to e-cigarettes, on the other hand, brings back this sense which you
had no idea was missing.

Enhanced circulation and breathing

So far, the vaping health effects have not been recorded
however, tobacco’s effect on human health is well known. The major difference
between smoking and vaping is the smoke presence. The smoke reduces circulation
and damages your lungs. Therefore, when you stop smoking and take over vaping,
your breathing will improve. You will notice that walking long distances and
climbing stairs will no longer be a struggle. Once your lungs heal from the
smoking effect, you will experience more benefits.

Increased social acceptance

Individuals are becoming health conscious every single day.
Due to the proliferation of smoking bans, smokers must only smoke in isolation.
Family and friends of a smoker also complain about secondhand smoking.

However, with e-cigarette, you are free to enjoy family’s
and friends’ company without offending them with smoke and smell. E-cigars do
not stain your teeth and hands as well making you socially acceptable.

The above are some of the reasons why e-cigarettes might end
tobacco. They have more advantages as compared to the tobacco cigarettes.
E-cigars address most of the tobacco cigarette disadvantages by offering a
lasting solution. There is, therefore, great potential in e-cigarettes
replacing tobacco for good.

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