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Wotofo Profile RDA Review | A Mesh Vape At Its Best

Wotofo Profile RDA the extra accessories

I got Profile RDA from Wotofo for the for the purpose of this review and what a pleasant vape surprise Wotofo Profile RDA really was!

This squonk friendly RDA is one of a kind, as far as I know: it has a mesh as a heating element AND you can also use your favorite coils. 

I received extra goodies such as a pack of 10 pieces of 100% pre-made 6mm organic cotton wicks and a pack of 10 pieces A1 16x6.8mm mesh with the resistance of 0.18 ohms. You can opt for these great accessories or the standard also generous pack. 

  • 24mm diameter
  • Wide clamp style dual post build deck
  • 7mm by 2mm mesh/coil terminals
  • Side mounted Phillips screws
  • PEEK insulated positive post
  • 4mm deep juice well
  • Spring-loaded central ceramic cotton support block
  • Adjustable beehive airflow with 19 x 1mm-holes on each side
  • 24K gold plated bottom feed 510 contact with BF pin
  • 9mm bore 810 drip tip
  • Kanthal A1 mesh coil sheets/ Regular coil option

A Successful Mesh Application in Profile RDA by Wotofo

OK, first off, what makes this mesh powered RDA works ell? This rebuildable dripping atomizer is the result of a successful collaboration between Wotofo and Joel Robinson aka Mr.JustRight1.  The well-designed ceramic support base which is spring loaded pushes the cotton upwards so that the wick always touches the mesh. The result? No hot spots and no dry hits! I don't know how long the spring will last but you get two spare springs in the baggy of goodies. What else do you get?

The Wotofo Profile RDA Box

The regular package of Wotofo Profile RDA contains the following:

  • 1 x Wotofo x Mr.JustRight1 Profile 24mm RDA
  • 1 x 6mm Agleted Cotton Wick
  • 1 x Extra 810 Drip Tip
  • 1 x Mesh Bending Tool
  • 1 x Spare Parts Bag 
  • 1 x screwdriver + Allen key
  • 1 x 0.33 ohms 3 mm Framed Staple Clapton Coil
  • 2 x Mesh Coil Sheets 0.18 ohms rated 40-60 Watts
  • 1 x User Manual

The spare parts include 4 orings, 2 post screws, 1 solid center pin and 2 spare ceramic support block springs.

Wotofo Profile RDA what you get in the standard package

The Mesh-friendly Profile RDA Deck

Wotofo Profile RDA deck with the ceramic springy base

The deck consists of a two clamp-style posts which take the mesh heating element. In between the posts, there's a ceramic support block which supports the wick.

This little guy is spring loaded so when you insert the pre-made agleted (or your own wick), the block pushes the wick upwards so it always leans against the mesh. Yes, always, even when the cotton sags a little once it gets fully saturated with your juice over time as you vape.

Without it, the hot spots and dry hits would be inevitable, but this way, you can vape pure and rich flavorful vape to your heart's content!

Using the included Wotofo mesh tool, you can easily shape the sheet into a semi-circle and it will stay that way so that you can insert it into the post clamps slots.

The two mesh sheets you get are made of Kanthal A1. They are each 16 x 6.8 mm and their resistance rating is 0.18 ohms. I did check the resistance on several mods it it really is 0.18 ohms, spot on.

The mesh sheets seem quite sturdy although they are really thin, as you can guess. You can hold it with a pair of tweezers with no problems but even if you use your fingers, you will dry bur all the residues before inserting the cotton wick into it.

The tool itself is also useful for tweaking the sheet into a perfect round shape once you tighten the clamps which hold it.

Wotofo mesh tool for the Profile RDA

The Profile RDA Mesh Setup And Wicking

Wotofo Profile RDA tightening the mesh

Tightening the mesh sheet is super easy. No fiddling with aligning it, nothing to worry about - just place it into the clamps and tighten them. Yup, it's that easy!

Dry burning should be done in a jiff as the mesh heats up super fast.

You literally pres and release the fire button a few times and you're good to wick it.

The mesh also cools down fast.

Wotofo Profile RDA mesh dry burn

Next comes the wicking. The 100% organic cotton that comes in the pack is agleted, which makes the wicking even easier than expected. You press it lightly against the ceramic center block and push it through the mesh. Once on the other side, you pull it while twisting it gently.

Wotofo Profile RDA convenient pre-made cotton wick

All that's left to do is cutting it to the length so that it touches the juice well bottom once you curve it downwards and tuck it in. You can squonk-saturate it from the bottom or completely prime the wick from the top using the refill bottle so that you have the squonk bottle in your mod full.

Wotofo Profile RDA cotton primed and ready to roll

Wotofo Profile RDA Top Cap with AF Blockers

Wotofo Profile RDA top cap with AF blockers

The conical top cap has ridges which serve as airflow adjustment blockers. The top cap twists easily to let you block as many hole rows as you want.

First, you can block off the top row which has 6 holes. If you keep turning the top cap, you will start closing the bottom 2 rows. The middle row has 7 and the bottom row has 6 holes.

In general, the airflow is highly adjustable to your preferences and it works flawlessly: it's smooth and quiet. No complaints there.

The air hits the mesh on both sides and the vape is luke-warm to warm overall. The drip tips are both perfect when it comes to sitting snug in the 810 bore.

Some might find the package lacks a higher profile mouth piece and a 510 drip tip adapter a slight con. Truth be told, we all have a collection of drip tips and 510 adapters so this is definitely not a big deal considering the number of other goodies you get in the package.

How does the Wotofo Profile RDA Vape?

Hey, don't just ask me, ask my wifey as well! We both found the Lemon Tart delicious on the Profile RDA. She doesn't like hot vape so this is a perfect warm and flavorful vape for both of us.

Because the mesh heats in a flash, even the drop on the Recurve squonk mod doesn't bother me any more. 

Wotofo Profile RDA how does it vape

The Profile RDA by Wotofo and Mr.JustRight has been nothing but a joy ride so far! Every single aspect of it is great - the build quality, the mesh, the ceramic support, the wicking and the design overall! The notes I got from this RDA are just layer after layer of deliciousness.

The flavor is great and so is the vapor production! No leakage, no issues and no dry hits. The squonking works well and I'm sure that those of you don't squonk will love the Profile RDA as well. My rating on this one: 10/10.

Many thanks to the friendly Wotofo staff for the review sample! Great job with Profile RDA, two thumbs up and keep 'em comin'!

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